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Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs below can be used as a starting point for developing a FAQ page for this project if needed.

Some minor widening will be required for improvements between Main and Elm streets under the Section 510 phase of the project. Minor widening also will take place at the intersection of Markley and Main streets.

Markley Street (U.S. 202 South) improvements are being completed in a number of construction stages that are designed to minimize impacts to traffic, residents and business.

Utility work will be performed during each stage of construction to improve Markley Street (U.S. 202 South). A sanitary sewer will be replaced in its entirety. Water and gas mains will be replaced in some areas. New lateral pipes will be installed by the contractor to connect all of the utilities (sewer, water, gas) to each property regardless of whether new mains are installed. (IS THIS RELEVANT TO 510?)

Trees that are situated within the right-of-way along Markley Street (U.S. 202 South) may be removed so utility poles may be relocated to the outside edges of the right-of-way to make room for construction of improvements along the corridor.

New trees will be planted along Markley Street (U.S. 202 South) as part of the improvement project. Generally, new trees are planted in the later stages of construction.

PennDOT is installing new curb ramps to make the sidewalks more accessible to those with disabilities as required under the Federal Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires that ramps be installed where street or sidewalk improvements are being made.

In addition to curb ramps at every corner, signalized intersections along Markley Street will be fitted with new traffic signal systems that include pedestrian push buttons, pedestrian countdown signals and clearly painted crosswalks. PennDOT is also installing new pedestrian street lights along Markley Street.

Please contact the general contractor (Allan Myers) about employment opportunities.

Markley Street will be closed to northbound traffic within the work area. Northbound traffic will be detoured to DeKalb Street. The intersection of Main and Markley streets also will be closed over several weekends during certain stages of the project.

Most of the construction will take place during normal working hours. However, there are a number of construction activities that may take place during overnight hours and occasionally on weekends.

The best way to stay current on the progress of the is to use the project website. You can also contact us directly by following this link and submitting a message.

The contractor will maintain access to all businesses within the work area at all times.

All of SEPTA's train and bus routes will remain in service during construction on Markley Street.